Installing a cold air intake on a NC

By Tom Wood

Nothing to do today? How about a cold air intake system for Marna's NC?

1-Jack up the car and place two Jack stands for safety.  Remove the two front wheels.

2-Remove a lot of fasteners from the wheel well and four screws on front half of wheel liner.

3-Fasteners removed and front half of liner.

4- Remove the two 10mm bolts from the front grill.

5-Remove the top bolts from the bumper.

6-Slide the nose straight out and set on blanket or something soft.

7-The bumper has four bolts on each side, remove the black plastic.

8-Remove the old intake. One bolt and two plastic fastners.

9-Install the new intake per instruction sheet. We cut the plastic tray to fit around the intake.
You can if you like otherwise it is not mentioned to reinsert but it is useful if you drop something near the hood latch to retrieve.

10-Our new intake installed with the plastic tray.

11-A great time to polish those road and weather worn lenses.

12-13- both lights now clear and bright.


14- Put back together in the reverse order.

15- A great tech day project and if you need help, let me know and I will try and help you.

16- it was a mild day, took it for a test drive and felt like it was getting a little better pick-up with the cooler air intake.

Installing a cold air intake on a NC

By Tom Wood