Installing a Stainless Steel Skid plate on our Lowered Miata "ODO"

After all the mods' and suspension parts, ODO seemed to be a little closer to the ground! So to protect his underside parts from road debris we installed a Moss Motors Skid plate. We were going to film the install but had technical problems with the camera so here are the instructions and pictures.

First we removed the plastic shield that came with the car.
Save all the screws and bolts as they may come in handy some day.

We checked for any leaks which we found was a sound front end.
It is always nice to wipe down the undercarriage when the opportunity exists!

Check to make sure you have all the parts to fasten the shield to the car.
you will need (2) of the bolts from your original skid plate for installation.

Installing the first bolt (supplied) you insert it from the top. If working alone as I did, I pulled the skid plate to put pressure on the bolt to hold it while I screwed the nut on a few threads.

Then I installed the front center screw.
Since I have A/C the kit came with spacers which go between the plate and mounting hole.
 Then insert the two outboard screws and the two at the rear using two of the original bolts you have left over.
Tighten all the bolts and screws. notice the large hole it is for draining your radiator when you need to change fluid/antifreeze.

And a job well done, looks great and protects your components much better than a plastic cover.

If you order one from Moss let Chris know you saw it here at