It is not necessary to belong to a club to join Miatafun, all you need is a Miata.

Want to become a member? Send in the information asked for below.

What does it cost to join per year?
That's right not one cent. 

What does it get you? 
One heck of a fun time when you go on one of the runs listed on our web site.
Runs are sent to us from clubs around the country.
Send us your clubs events, and we will list it for all to find here at ""

If you totally enjoy yourself at one of the events or runs, socials etc,  join one of the clubs and get newsletters, discounts, and other Miata benefits. Then you can be one to brag that you belong to TWO clubs ;-)
Just fill out the application below.

That's it! 

Upon receipt you will be sent a membership number and be acknowledged as a full pledge member of the "Miatafun Club"

To show off your "Club" affiliation you can order one of our "Club badges", right from the supplier, shipped directly to you. No middle man. All you need supply is "Your Name" and one short line of information such as car color, or name. You can even leave it blank! 
You can put your Member number on the second line of your badge if you like. 
You get three lines total as seen in the example below.

(Badge Order info

 (Members List)

Badge Sample

What we do not have:
Email groups to clutter up your mail box.
Meetings (You can always ask us out to dinner!) (You can meet us at lots of Miata events!)
No drawings or prizes (Not at this time anyhow) (We do give away stuff sometimes though!)
No discounts at dealers. (We do have some at some of the Vendors).

Why are we doing this you ask? Well its one way of getting more people like yourself to see what the clubs are actually about, and what they can do for you and the fun you can have with your car. And you only spend a few bucks for your badge and you gain a new bunch of friends and a new Mazda family how can you loose! So try out one of the clubs in your area and we are sure that you will find that your MX-5 was the best investment you could have invested in. We did! (Four times!)

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