Our house waiting for all to arrive.                      The garage is ready, ODO says come on in!

Mike printed out the instructions from the web.             Pat supervised and pointed out a spot or two!

Mike adding the grease to the guides.                     Even Pat had a little black sticky stuff on her hands!

Lee taking the door panel off.                        Clean and greasing the guides this window was really slow!

Marna cooking up for the eat part of the event.                        Howard grabbing another hot dog.

Miatafun and SOCALM Presidents.                                 A toast for a great Tech day and friends.

The last car out!

It was a perfect day for a Tech Day, 78F, lots of food and friends. We were so busy with window track lubing. And we repaired a tail light that was damaged while trying to remove the letters with a dremel. When we finished it looked as good as new. We did both tail lights so now they are both smooth and shinny they looked so good he even washed his car to match 8^).

We had Nick's white NC where we replaced the rear springs. It took two different spring compressors to do the job but it came out perfect. We replaced spark plugs and did a little troubleshooting and the results were a smooth running Miata when he left. There was a mirror exchange, I believe the temperature wire from the front through the firewall was the only challenge, the mirror install would be done at home now that the hard part had been done.

We also had the two rubber shifter boot gaskets replaced. This is something that you don't really notice till you feel the heat that comes up around your shift knob and leather cover get hot from the heat coming up from under the car.

There was plenty of liquids, loads of all kinds of food, and a wide variety of desserts that lasted all day.

Look forward to another Tech day in August.

Thanks to all that came to visit and work on their cars.

Thanks to Barbara Beach and SOCALM's "First President" Chris Burns, for the Anniversary wine and the Miata memorabilia they brought.