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Celebrating sixteen years of bringing you your run information and pictures.

            1st Happy New Year from Miatafun, Tom and Marna Webmasters
            27-28 SJVMC Coastal Cruise (Info call: 1-559-298-9332) Jim and Juanita McKee Join us for our first 2018 Run

                4th SAMOA Super Bowl Sunday Run
            15th Utah Miata Club Murders of 1940,
a musical comedy (7:30) Grand Theatre Co. - Mike Bailey
            17th BAMA Phil's Fish Market Run
            25th SAMOA Miata Monterey Weekend


8th SOCALM Coastal Cruise
            11th SAMOA Capay Valley Run
            17th SJVMC Poker Run
(Posponed till May 12th due to bad weather)
               17th SOCALM Julian (and again)
               24th BAMA Mystery Drive

                7th SOCALM Pauma Valley Run
            28th BAMA Annual Picnic: show and Shine

            4th SOCALM Miata Spring Break
12th BAMA Peak to Peak Drive
            12th SJVMC Poker Run
(New date)
              12th SAMOA Number 30 Run

            8th BAMA Fort Bragg Run
            6th-10th Abe Lincoln Miata Club Zoomin in Tennessee



            20th SOCALM / Mt Hood Hot Lava The Mt Hood Miata Club has opened registration for Hot Lava 2018



Holiday Party Planning Underway?
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            9th SOCALM El Segundo Holiday Parade


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