Miatafun's Feature Car


 Kaitlyn Lydell
'02 Titanium Grey Metallic Special Edition
Kaitlyn is what you might call a Miata Maniac.  Ever since she discovered Miata's (starting about 1990- what a coincidence!) she has felt like she is seeing a family member whenever she sees one- (and definitely does the Honk and Wave).  She in on her 5th Miata, and it is definitely her "keeper"!  She really discovered her passion for driving (and racing) since she has driven a Miata.  She has had her new one just a short time, and though beautiful and spiffy, it was much too SOFT for her very "spirited" style of driving, feeling like a nice sofa on wheels!  So.....she just had her new baby outfitted with Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks, Flyin' Miata springs and adjustable sway bars, and a Racing Beat cold air intake and exhaust.  Plus, those really fun and grippy Bridgestone Potenza RE750 tires- let's just say her license plate bracket saying "Fast Girl" is not talking about her social life!
As President of the Bay Area Miata Association (BAMA) in Northern California, Kaitlyn gets thrills out of creating and leading twisty runs, but also loves just following another Miata- anywhere.  Whenever two or more Miata's are together- who is lost?
Kaitlyn is a map junkie, and loves discovering new routes for runs, plus she is a member of Delta and SAMOA, loving remote drives on new and wonderful roads!  Mostly, Kaitlyn loves Miata owners and the Miata Zoom-Zoom spirit!