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Well,  Back when I was in Sarrasoga.......

Naw, This was from the "Hangover Run" on Jan. 01,
Notice the lack of dust after the "30 M.P.H." 90
Turn? Yeah--Right, 30 mph, sure....

This MX-5 Started out as a Stock 1995 White with Tan Top. Lonely, and abandoned. She (Yup, Female) is now in Phase Four of Enhancement.

Due to the Love of my car, I just naturally started on a "little" cleaning, and as the story goes....."One thing led to another and Voila' "

She has been featured in the Chicago Chapter of the Miata Club in Illinois.

She took 3rd Place in the Best of the Bunch on Sept. 4th, 2002 in her Class.

She currently resides in Southern Orange County, Laguna Niguel, Ca.

Don't get 'er mad cuz she goes through a change of style, grace and attitude

Notice the same paint before and after the 30 M.P.H. 90 Turn?

Attitude adjustment made, with no apologies offered........ and no.... She is not looking for a "mate" as she is devoted to me.

  ' 95 Pearl Garnet

Now with Morphing red paint 1/17/2003

"Mike the Mechanic"