About 2 years ago I didn't even know what a Miata was, let alone see myself driving one! BUT thanks to the extreme moods of mother nature and a tree falling on my '92 Pontiac Trans Am I obtained a down payment to 2 years of total fun!
I bought my Classic Red '99 in July of 2002. I had looked at her once before, but ran away in a hurry when I glanced at the price tag - of course this was BEFORE mother nature struck! So the second time I approached the shiny red roadster with a down payment in hand I was determined to not leave the lot empty handed. My ex-boyfriend haggled the dealer & I got my new sport convertible! Of course I didn't get to drive it off the lot because I had yet to learn stick so my ex-boyfriend got the pleasure of welcoming her to the roads... Within a month or so I had gotten the hang of a manual transmission and Southern California was calling..  So in August I packed everything that could fit in my little two seater and moved south!
  Since the move I've under gone some changes, but Boomer (my Mx-5) did as well...
* The Stock 14" Enkie rims just HAD to go, now in their place stand some very eye catching 17" MHT 2-piece rims
* The Sound System was just asking to be gutted from the start.. Now she's got an Eclipse CD deck, amp & 8-disc CD Changer accompanied by MB Quart door speakers to perfectly accent the two 8" JL Audio sub woofers located in the trunk.. (see where the nick name comes from?)
*The stock intake just annoyed me so next to come was a Metallic Red AEM Air Intake (of which you can check out an actual picture of it at GoMiata.com)
*The stock exhaust was decent, BUT I wanted something that would be in harmony with the AEM intake so I purchased and installed a Racing Beat Twin Exhaust..


  And of course Socalm events are the perfect place to flaunt all my goodies!


I must say that SOCALM's Miata runs have helped me lighten my lead foot and have given me unexpected respect for Japanese vehicles (I'd like to see a Camaro take on the Twisties we do!) Without Boomer I would have been alone down here, but thanks to her I've made a lot of interesting friends and have had some awesome adventures!

See You On The Twisties!
Amanda J. Britz
"Lil' Wyld"