Featured Miata

Richard and Billie Hyde

Hello Tom,  Here is my story on our Miata.

Sometimes things happen by accident. That’s how Baby Zoomer came to live in our garage. By accident. REALLY by accident. We had a well-loved and trusted pickup that we planned to keep until it died…at least until someone lost control in an intersection and took it out permanently. We needed a second vehicle, but could not find another pickup we would be willing to buy. Richard suggested a Miata like our son in San Antonio just bought and Billie pounced on the idea.


We first had to figure out if Richard would fit in a Miata. With the top up, his head hit the roof in the passenger seat. Undeterred, we bought one anyway. We chose Baby Zoomer because the owner gave us detailed instructions on how to keep from scratching the plastic window when putting the top down…he obviously took good care of his Miata.


Baby Zoomer is now part of the family, and we wonder why it took us so long to get a sports car and convertible. We’ve treated our baby very well, with special care and goodies like a new radio/CD player and speakers, a windscreen, and lots of things to make her run better. We’ve covered a lot of miles in just over a year, taking the Baby to Moab, Monument Valley, Death Valley, and even Glacier National Park in Montana.


 Baby Jammer: The tour buses in Glacier Park are recently restored historical busses, affectionately called “Jammers” because the drivers had to jam the gears to get up the steep mountain grades. We put a sign on our Miata that said “Baby Jammer” and parked next to one of the real jammers.


Winslow: This is the corner. You know, “Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see. There’s a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford slowing down to take a look at me…” THAT corner. 

Richard and Billie Hyde