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Bret Anderson
His two 1995 M Edition Miata's

Hi Tom, I live in Roy, Washington.
Well being a big Mazda fan and owning 7 total 1st gen RX7's, and a very big sports car nut.  I decided to move on to the Miata and was looking for one for my 50th birthday present to myself, it took me over a year and I found a 95 M Edition with 97k.  I talked the guy down from $3900 to $2000, it needed some work but after a month of working on it, it came out very nice.  I fell in love with the Miata and was glad I had a NA model, then I came across another 95 M Edition that had only 19,000 miles on it and has never touched rain, the windshield wipers are still original and I don't think they have ever been turned on, the dust brake covers are spotless, all of the plastic on the car looks like it was installed yesterday, a very clean Miata, it has had the suspension and wheels changed.  So I bought it and have 2 M Edition's now.  I painted and put on front and rear mud flaps also a chrome gas cover so far.  I guess this one will be my 52 Birthday present.  I suppose growing up in Monterey and going to Laguna Seca for my child hood has something to with it. 

Good luck to all Miata owner's.

Thanks for posting:
Bret Anderson