Miatafun's Feature Car

Dave Shultz
 2003 Strato Blue Mica SE


   I picked up Jynxie from the local Toyota dealer in my third trip in to have an electrical gremlin on my brand new Scion xB diagnosed.
She had been there each time, shooting me this vibe that said, "You want to take me home...just buy me..." Well, on the third trip in, i couldn't resist any longer, so I made a deal and brought her home.
     My first Miata, a red & tan JR supercharged '96, left the family when my daughter was born. I missed that car, but had never built any real relationship with it, so when its time came, i was sad, but not too sad... Enter Jynx - likely the most enjoyable car I've ever owned. A little roomier than my '96, with a smooth running 1.8 vtec, she drove like a dream, and ooooooohhhhh, that Strato Blue Mica paint with the grey mohair top! I was in love!
     I've kept the mods to a minimum; Racing Beat header & exhaust, Racing Beat CAI with Carbon airbox... Some Tein Street Advance coilovers, and a nice Hard Dog rollbar to convince my wife she's totally safe...
     We've been through a lot in the 8 years we've been together...a couple MATG trips in 2011 & 2014, lots of local shows...even a pretty bad T-bone in 2009! She's held up through all of that & survives winters as my daily!

     I love this car, just have to figure out how to get her a brother or sister!
                                        Dave Shultz