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Donna Sinkway's 1994

"Glimmer Man"

Donna Sinkway

  Donna’s younger years were spent at the track watching Dad race stock cars, where she was able to bump into greats like Mario Andretti.  The best events were fan appreciation, allowing you to ride in the car with your favorite driver for a spin around the track. I loved the excitement of Dad racing and knew someday "I must have a little race car"!

 A convertible sports car was her desire, so in 1994 we ventured over to the "Dark Side" and became owners of a new brilliant black Miata. We immediately became members of SOCALM and the driving adventures began. It is unlikely you will ever see the car’s top up, and it remained that way during our relocation to Virginia. Isn't that why they make hats, gloves, coats and heaters?

 After our return from Virginia, we joined the San Diego Miata Club and MiataFun.Net.  We decided slowly to change the appearance of our car. Stan my husband is the official installer and Donna is the designer. Being a fan of Steven Seagal stirred my imagination, so I acquired personalized plates "Seglfan", a laser engraved Voodoo shifter with silhouette of Seagal from the movie Marked For Death, and the Under Siege portrait adhered to the glass windscreen. We also were fortunate to have the engine signed by Mr. Seagal on June 1st of 2006.

 Many other modifications include engine dressings, a vintage slider mirror from Germany plus a Lambo Door kit. Like a new house, the designing is never done! Black is difficult to maintain so constant detailing (which I love to do) is a must.  The car has won numerous awards at cars shows, of which we are very proud.  

When not enjoying the Miata, it is time for four-wheeling in our lifted Jeep Liberty and YJ. Occasionally you will see us taking a leisurely cruise in the 63 Ford Galaxy, which already has garnered a glint in the eye of our 15-year-old grandson.  When the urge strikes, we will take our Wave Runners to Mission Bay for wave jumping and relaxing.

 We are involved with the Basset Hound Rescue, owning two hounds and fostering a senior.  We also enjoy marching in the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, volunteering at the Spring Games and Breakfast with Bassets to help raise money towards medical expenses for the rescued hounds.

 We have won several awards at the Riverside Flower & Garden Show and our home was selected to be on the Garden Tour. Donna’s career in dentistry constantly demands continuing education courses. Stan my husband is in Network Services for IBM on the Amtrak account. He has responsibility for the WAN (Wide Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network) across the country for all Amtrak locations.

 After a busy day, we retire to our home theatre with the hounds and our parrot Shooky. Our home has been the site of the Academy Awards Party for the Miata Club for three years in the past and once again this year in 2007.  We naturally think Steven Seagal should win all the honors.

 I love my Miata as it is my "Reward". As Tom Matano once said, "From the moment you see it, to the moment you use it, it will stir your emotions".