Miatafun's Feature Car

Joy M. Aurand

The Miata Choice

Hi, Tom.

Thanks for the welcome. Here are some pictures of my car. Her name is Pandora. As for how I got her, well. My friend and I were running around town and she told me to stop at the Mazda dealer to look at the Miata's because she said that was the kind of car that would be good for me. She used to own one, so she knows all about them.

So I did. Then I went home and did some research about them, and the following week went in for a test drive and came out of the dealership with my very first convertible sports car. She's an amazing car. I love the roar of the engine, and I was surprised to find out that she got 33mpg. I had to check that out when I refilled my car. I was very impressed.

So that's the story of my car. Pretty simple.
Have a nice day.

-Joy M. Aurand