"Penny" owned by Marna Wood Miatafun Member #2.

2007 Copper red, Package #2. Tan Leather
Personalized Plate: MIATA FN  (Miata Fun)

Modifications: Chrome rear air dam Piece, Loud Horn, CB,

Other Clubs: SOCALM, SDMC, SJVMC, BAMA, VROOM, and about 28 more from Alaska to Australia and all across our beautiful USA.


 Owned by Troy Moss Miatafun Member #119

2007 Galaxy Grey, Premium 2 Pack, Appearance Pack
                          Interior trim Pack. Black Leather


Clubs: Miatafun


Owned by Sharon Mack Member #51

2007 Copper red, Tan Leather, Special Order!
Personalized plate: MIZZOOM

Modifications: Anderson splitter for CB Radio

Other Clubs: SJVMC, Miatafun


Owned by Denise Correia Member # 137

2007 Stormy Blue (Wild Blue)
Personalized Plate:

Other clubs: SAMOA, DMC, SJVMC, BAMA, Miatafun


Owned by: Donna and Gary Nelson Member #39

2008 Brilliant Black

Other clubs: SOCALM, Miatafun


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