A Death Valley Experience

Tom, Marna--

MANY thanks to you for this quality run. I've been on enough events with you that I have come to expect fun, good company, strong organization, flexibility on schedules and FUN. I must say you AGAIN exceeded my expectations. I'm hoping for this to become an annual event, for there were many areas I'd like to return to and others I'd like to explore. It's definitely a 3 day event 'cause it takes a day to get there (Friday), relax in your welcoming get-together (Friday night), a great day of adventure (Saturday), a fun evening with another get-together followed by a dinner followed in turn by a friendly after-dinner get-together and Miata discussion session. Thanks again for offering us the hospitality of your rooms, Tom/Marna and then Dean (where we shifted to after concerns about some sleep-seeking folk next door. Then, on Sunday, I understand you led a relaxing exit route to other sites and continued on home (I couldn't join you as I needed to head back north).

I came down from the Bay Area to join the caravan, enthusiastically entering it in 2nd gear in Mojave as you all drove by and someone graciously opened a spot for me (isn't CB and cell phone technology great?) so we didn't even have to slow down. Fossil Falls were a beautiful and sad reminder of the history of the Owens Valley project, dry as they were. The curvy 5,000 foot 14 mile drop into Death Valley was a wonder to behold and a joy to drive. The accommodations, the food, the routes, the schedule, the views, the tours of Death Valley Scotty's Castle, Ubehebe Crater and the view of the "Death Valley Miata Wagon Train" and all of the other sites were all great. Plus, the thrill of a dozen Miatae encountering a HEAVY rain a few miles after the "CAUTION-- FLASH FLOOD ZONE NEXT 40 MILES" and stopping mid-road -- with Sweep putting flashers on, 'cause no way were we going to pull off the asphalt onto the soft sandy rock area -- were really exciting. How did you arrange all that?

There were so many beautiful pastel colors in the beauty of the mountains and gullies on Artist's drive, and the OTMs who arrived as we were arranging a photo shot at Artist's Pallet were so considerate as they saw our beautiful cars and graciously turned around and parked out of sight. Except, of course, the Cadillac Escalante, but we'd taken our pictures by then and it was fun to see him struggling to handle his vehicle in the dirt. Later, our second drive through Artist's drive was a time to enjoy, with even more enthusiasm, the beauty and exhilaration of the Miata experience.

The clouds, the mountains, the roads, the cars, the people, the food, the maps, the weather, and the LEADERS -- it was all a great combination worthy of the high standards of a "Tom and Marna Event". And, I must say, we had a fine group of folk from various clubs who all melded together to form a happy tour. Wasn't it neat that we saw the Las Vegas contingent too?

Congratulations, you've done it again! Please, you WILL do it again, yes?



"Gina", Classic Red '01