Here's why I drive a Miata:

Here's why I drive a Miata:

 I just spent the weekend with a friend in Santa Barbara, and then found the fire had closed Hwy 101 northbound so I stayed an extra day. 

Because I drive a MIATA, her kids always love to go on errands with me (one at a time, so they get individual attention as we drive along, no competition.).  This is cool.  Plus, being dropped off at school amongst all the minivans and SUVs, in a MIATA, is definitely cool (I could tell from the smile on the 12 year old's face!)

Then, this morning, I headed north into adventure land, not sure what I'd find.  At about 9 in the morning, I found myself amidst dozens of fire trucks heading north on 101 -- top down, I pulled up next to each one on the highway and honked my air horns and waved thumbs-up, thanks!   More than half of them honked back with their crazy really low frequency truck horns and waved.  Lots of smiles.  Try that in a Honda.  (By the way, my other car IS a Honda coupe, a GREAT car -- just not a Miata.)

THEN, because I was in a Miata, top-down, I could just point my camera anywhere I wanted and take pictures of the fire to send back to my friend in S.B.

THEN, because I was in a Miata, I made up for some lost time moving swiftly along some familiar stretches of 101.  These cars go as fast as you need to go.  (Plus, mine's Red.)

THEN, because I was in a Miata, I saw a road heading off into the interior, Hwy 41, and remembered it with great fondness from the SJVMC Coastal Runs.  So, instead of grinding up 101 (which is actually mostly pretty), I headed inland in 41 to 46 toward 5 (to explore the straight shot up to Concord area, where I live).  It's that crazy Miata wanderlust and curiosity.  As I approached the twisties, I was formulating my story for why I wasn't working -- "It had something to do with a fire, see. . . ")

I overtook a truck pulling a trailer, lumbering along, who just wouldn't pull over.  Because I was in a MIATA, I followed but didn't tailgate (we are polite drivers), however my lights were one and I drifted a bit left and a bit right to catch both mirrors when I could.  Because I wasn't tailgating, he had time to slow down when a pullout appeared and I honked and passed. 

THEN, because I was in a Miata, I made great time on the twisties, pulled over at a rest stop on 46, and then back on the highway I came up to a construction area where we stopped.  I spotted the truck and trailer, two cars ahead of me.  Because he WASN'T in a Miata, I can only hope he didn't drink as much coffee and water as I had that morning. . .

THEN, because I'm a Miata driver, and we were just stopped on the road waiting for the next convoy through the one-way stretch, I got out, went up and introduced myself as the Miata driver for whom he'd pulled over.  I said I really appreciated it, 'cause I know it takes some effort to pull over a big rig like that.  I said I was following close enough so he could see me, but not so close that he'd be offended.  Both drive and passenger smiled and said thanks for saying "hi".  Maybe he'll pull over for another Miata sometime, as a result!

THEN, because I was in a Miata, as I headed toward I-5 but then I saw a turn north off of 46, so I headed up to Coalinga, to stay on 2 lanes as much as I could. Funky little place.

Then, finally onto I-5.  But, because I was in a Miata, I drove the two-lanner around the back of Mt. Diablo (max curves) rather than taking I-580 and I-680, which take 3 minutes less.

Finally, because I drive a Miata, I arrived home tired but really happy, after a 7 hour drive, rather than just tired.

I drive a Miata to have all of those choices -- I COULD have simply gotten into my car, put a CD in, and gone from S.B. to Bay Area up 101.

But I didn't.

Because I drive a MIATA!



"Gina", Classic Red 2001