Thanks to Jay and Deb Simon and Steve and Terri Meyers.
And of course Tom and Marna who are special and an honor to be with on any trip.

Well as everyone on the trip knows I had a great time.

 From the moment I got my information packet including maps Pictures a daily itinerary and bound in plastic I knew I was on a special trip that was really well thought out by some very smart people . We all had a lot of laughs we saw great scenery. And except for an awesome desert scattered shower that our route passed under for about 20 minutes on the trip up.... we had perfect weather. and an unforgettable Miata Trip.

 From Barstow we began the journey to the awesome beauty of Northern Arizona. Visually the very definition of the old west. After lunch on the AZ CA border on the Colorado River within sight of London Bridge where we had a chance to meet everyone we headed up the giant northern Arizona Volcanic Mountain Plateau and it's never ending variety of scenery and color overtook our senses.

The Hotel we stayed at the Fray Marcos could best be described as a theme park. The attraction was the actual railroad...train and tracks that ran between Williams and the Grand Canyon for many years so people could ride in luxury and comfort and not have to take the awful Stage Coach that took a full day, back before there were roads. It was brought back to life by this rich guy and his wife. So there sits the Grand Canyon Railroad with  maybe 15 Pullman cars ready and looking brand new to take us to the very edge of the canyon on a 2 hour ride each way through the real old west accompanied by cowboy fiddlers Banjo players and a Sheriff to guard the train. Well at one point the train got held up by some bandits on horseback, but the sheriff took care of it.
Once at the canyon after lunch we got on a tour bus that took us to our first viewpoints.
After that the train returned to Williams.
The next morning we awoke for an all day Miata Run which covered every imaginable terrain in northern AZ.
First we blasted from Williams to the Canyon for several more views. Next we sped east past the Grand Canyon through more canyon lands and glimpses of the painted desert in the distance, then south through an other world of volcano cinder cones of black and red, Blue sky, Yellow Flowers and Green plants. Did I miss a color? I kept thinking Wow!!!! if Van Gogh had lived and painted here.

Next we stopped at the ruins of an actual American indian pueblo city called Wupatki.

Next more volcanos and Lava fields.
Then during the last couple of hours of daylight we headed up through the giant forested mountains of northern az still filled with wildlife and down to our last night near the Grand Canyon once again. And all along the way people kept stopping us at every parking place to
talk to us about our cars and how cool it was to see them.

Well as you can see I love Arizona and I love the car and the people in the club.

I can say I had a wonderful trip.
Thanks to everybody. Hope to see you all again soon.