A story to be shared about Miata's

My brother got a used 92 and had it painted and put new snow tires and then 
picked up his wife in Portland Oregon and after making a quick stop in 
Orcas Island Washington, drove home to Fairbanks Alaska.
It is his first Miata and he is in love with it ! ! 


Finally made it home in one piece tonight, 3700 miles and one, make that two,
 sore butts later... We shared the road with all kinds of beasties, but made it intact. 

The car ran flawlessly, just a pleasure to drive. Those Bridgestone winter tires
 are pure magic- we drove thru deep snow, ice, slush, up steep slippery grades, 
where big tractor trailers were spinning out and jackknifing, and we just kept going 
and going... the Canadian Rockies tried kicking our butts, but that little car just stuck 
like glue and got us thru some MAJOR winter craziness. 

This morning we were in the Yukon Territory and took off in a blizzard for 
the Alaska border. The lazy Canadian snowplows were holed up at some
 truck stop drinking coffee, so we had to blast thru snowdrifts for over a hundred 
miles, but somehow we made it...  

Took allot of pictures and will keep sending more. Enjoyed visiting with Dad- 
and of course he did everything he could to get us to leave the car with him 
on Orcas, especially after he drove it around the island- we had fun.

Well, we're toast.