This is certainly the big news for NC Miata owners.... First, please don't email me ANY questions because EVERYTHING I currently know is posted here.

Complete bolt on custom cast aluminum manifold 62 cubic inch Eaton blower kit with integrated water/air intercooler (laminova style) and engine management system. Boost will be conservative 5 or 6 pounds and expected horsepower is around 225 and expected on sale date is late February 2008...and they indicated a plan to CARB it too.

Yes, we will be a dealer...and they may be using our NC early in the new year for first "finished" kit installation!! Projected retail (and this may slip....) is $4999 which is a bargain given the incredible integration of this unit which looks very factory with its custom intake manifold. Looks like I may be back to SM2 class for autocross next season!

Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing