Thompson Automotive
Oil Filter Relocation Kits

For 1999-2005

You will need a 1/4" drilled hole to mount the oil filter on 2001-2004 Miata's.
The 1999-2000 the hole is already there.

Remove the mounting bolt from the A/C connector the one that mounts to the car.
Install included bolt into the hole you drilled as shown above.

You have to remove the bracket that goes to the Intake manifold to the engine.
If you have a MazdaSpeed you will have to release the clip holding the return line to the oil sump.

A little trick. Cover the outside hole on the filter replacement adaptor with some tape.
Insert the center hose to the adaptor and the center hole on the remote filter holder.
Remove the tape and insert the outer hose and attach to the outer filter holder hole.

With all the lines in place install a new filter and start engine. Check for leaks.
If needed install the protective chaffing material included in the kit.

Now the next time you need to change your oil you do not have to remove all those time
Consuming parts below the car to change the filter. Now it only takes a few seconds

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