Installing your CB! Here are a few examples of installing a :
 Cobra 75 WX ST 40 Channel hand held radio.

And an Anderson Antenna splitter!

Here we mounted the CB connector box (silver box with red wire running to it.) to the floor in the tunnel on the right side (behind the passenger seat from the trunk). Notice the grommet with the black microphone plug going thru the wall above the box. This lets you plug your radio in behind the passengers seat.

Last but not least connecting the power box to the battery. This is the most important part that you must pay close attention to. We used a motorcycle battery hooked to a cigarette lighter adapter and plugged it into the cigarette receptacle to keep the radio information while removing the battery cables. It is important when removing the cables to always remove the negative cable first. If you do not and you accidentally hit the body with a wrench while undoing the positive post of the battery, You could be shocked or burned or cause a fire. So if you are going to try and do this with out disconnecting the cables use extreme caution.

Here is how Don Asperger from SJVMC installed his 75 WX ST CB.

We also added the Anderson antenna splitter. Here is how we did the installation.

Here is how the finished switch should look.

We mounted our switch behind to the Drivers seat  on the seat belt retractor.

We mounted it as you see for clearance for the belt to operate with out obstructions.

Her is a view from the top looking down.

This gave us plenty or length from the wire supplied from the manufacturer.

We spliced the black wire with the two connectors supplied in the kit.

Here the wire connector has been replaced on the antenna assembly. 
Instructions for connecting the antenna wires is a simple R&R with the new connector cables.

Here is the splitter that connects to the antenna of the car so you do not need a magnetic antenna or second antenna on your car. This is one of the "Anderson Kits" If need you can adjust the antenna right here for proper SWR readings. See below

(USA & Canada, only)
(for use only with a factory Mazda Miata antenna)
by Jeff Anderson Destin, FL 32501

Setting your SWR with a SWR meter

Hope this helps and we will be listening for you on Miata Runs on your newly installed CB Radio.