Thanks to our friends at SJVMC I acquired a set of Racing Beat Springs.
Here is a rundown of my installation.


Use a quality spring compressor if possible, much better than the $10.00 ones from Harbor Freight although they work just fine.

Here is the front driver side where we had installed a new rotor and calipers, now is the time to add the new springs.

Remove the two shock top mount nuts on the side of the shock top (14mm), Do NOT remove the two bolts on top of any shock before removal!

Disconnect the sway bar link (14mm) and lower shock bolt (17mm)

A shot of a lower shock mount.

This bolt hole is hidden below the shock another (17mm) bolt needs to be removed.

The rounded tab is what the hidden (17mm) bolt holds to be able to pull the front rotor assembly out of the way,
there is another (17mm) bolt at the bottom of the rotor assembly that has to be removed,

Here you see the sway bar linkage, you only have to remove one end, "Needed" to push down the lower A Arm to remove the shock.

Once out compress the spring and remove the two bolts on top.
Lift off the spring top Plate and rubber damper and mounting plate.

Be careful of the rubber gasket and remove the boot and spring

Check the rubber bump stop and replace if needed (suggested).

Install your new spring and align up the bottom spring with the indent on the shock mount (bottom).

Install the upper rubber washer.

Install the spring compressor, compress the spring and add the top plate, grommet, metal disk, and both nuts.
The top nut should be level with the flat with the top tab sticking up, (Note position before removal)
The top mounting screws should be lined up with the lower mount holes as above.

I did mine myself but it helps if you have a friend help with pushing the lower A Arm to reinstall the shock.

The Rear Shocks! you need to remove the trunk liner and the metal shield on the drivers side to get at the two (14mm) bolts.
It is a tight squeeze!

Remove the lower shock bolt (17mm) and sway bar linkage.

Another shot to show the lower shock bolt.

Rear shock same removal as the front shocks.

We removed the calipers and old rotor to add new rotor and calipers.

Here the new rotor is in place.

Now with the new rotors and shocks and calipers installed all that is left is to bleed the brakes.
Once the brakes are bled and tires are reinstalled it is time to hit the road and try out our new suspension.
We are now ready for the 25th anniversary event at Laguna Seca.

Hope this was helpful if you need help or any information just let us know here at

Tom Wood