Working on a NC Miata door and Glass Removal

Need to replace your window or just want to clean up inside the door panels window channels and the lower part of the window that is always the dirtiest! It is really an easy job. Just follow these few notes and you can do one door in about 1/2 - 3/4 of an Hour.

This is the passenger side door inside. there is a push plug in the hole at the top and two on the outer edge of the door. There are two screws one in the upper pull handle and one under the felt below the door latch handle. Then pull on the bottom of the door to loosen the plastic holders and there is one about half way up below the tweeter grill to pull out.

These are all the parts you will need to remove to remove the window from the door. The door latch and screw, the screw from above the pull handle, the three screws that hold the window in place and two bumpers which we will get to.

Remove these two bolts, it is easier to lower the window to get to the top bolt.

You will have to adjust the window up or down to get the bolt centered for removal.

There are two stops to keep the window from going to high the front one is located here. You need to hold the stop with one hand while loosening the retaining bolt, (Don't drop the stop!)

The rear one is located here. Hold the stop with one hand while loosening the retaining bolt, (Don't drop the stop!)
You can now lift the window out of the door.

After cleaning your window should look like new like this one. Remove any old grease from the brass guide. and clean out the rails the window travels in and add some new fresh soft grease like Teflon. When reinstalling the window be careful of the rubber at the top of the door not to damage it. you may have to take a finger or something to inch it out of the way to get the guides past the rubber.

Remember when tightening the bolts that hold the window to the raising mechanism to just make them snug as they are only plastic. once the window is in place replace the stops, you don't want the window to fall out when you raise it! <GRIN>

Replace the plastic, and try and not get the black sticky stuff on you or your hands, it is hard to get off. the plastic helps keep the water out or the door and away from your speakers and other electrical parts like the window motor.

Replace the door panel, lift it and align it up with the wing window slot and slip it down and then push in the bottom holders and make sure the door is even all the way around. Replace the upper screw in the handle, the screw below the felt at the bottom of the handle and the door latch handle, and the three push pins and you are done.

Run the window up and down a few times (Maybe before you put it all together to see how nice and smooth the window goes up and down) Then roll them down and put the top down and go for a ride.

This is a great thing to do at a tech day as it does not take a lot of time once you have done it once and its fun to show someone else how easy it was to do.