Mazda Miata, MX-5, Roadster.  No matter what you call this little car, all agree  it is the embodiment of fun.

Though all of these activities there are two common themes our cars and our friends.  It is to these that this website is dedicated.

We live in Southern California and our calendar of events will list the many events we have to choose from.  If you live outside of Southern California, please use our link to Miata Club Webs to find a club near you.  Get involved and enjoy the many benefits of owning a Miata.

Cruising through the hills, the sun at your back, the wind in your hair.  You take a deep breath and inhale the spring scent from the wildflowers.  As you gently glide around one curve after another, the pressures of city life and freeway driving melt away.

Check back once in a while for all kinds of temporary information, pictures, and ideas!

Miatafest 2010 Pictures from the event

Members Featured Cars
Enter your car just send us a line about your car and photos.

Jeff Anderson Antenna Splitters for Miata's
Save from scratching your paint with external antennas

Battery care for the Miata
A few safety tips on care for your Miata Battery

Place to buy Toyo Tires in the Inland Empire
Where we buy our tires with club discount in the Inland Empire.

Tire size calculator
What Revolutions to expect with tire size changes.

Remote oil filter Intake support modification
Our modification to clear for remote filter applications.

Miata Owners Motorcycles
The other Air in your face mode of transportation.

Looking for those Miata Parts Check here.
A few vendors we use.

Looking for a Miata Mechanic
Let us know who you recommend to work on your car.

Installing a Cobra 75 WX ST C.B. Radio
A couple of installation and instruction ideas

Get your systems up to date at a reasonable price and service.

Looking for that special hose?
Have your lines made with steel reinforcing.

Engine Oil Spec's
Oil information

Temp Gauges Fix
Make it Linear!

The Crazy Red Italian
Air Horns and other neat stuff

Metro Guardian
Wood, Fabric, and spot removers & Conditioners

Third brake light flasher
One way but not quite legal in Cal.

Clear up your headlights for less!
Use "Soft Scrub" if they just need a little polishing.
A Miatafun tip.
Parts for your cars like weather proof floor liners etc.

Also check out our Vendors and Dealers pages.

Click on Link Below

Need Toyo tires? 

Toyo Proxy 4's $75.00

GoodYear Tire
Auto service center

Available Inland Empire Area
San Bernardino
1267 N. Waterman
 (909) 889-2626
Ask for Israel Meneses

Let them know you are a Miatafun or SOCALM member of the club. Call for other size prices.
Good Year, Cooper, Toyo Tires
GoodYear HP Eagle Plus $125.00
GoodYear F-1 $147.00

Miata Owners Motorcycles

Putting on your Remote oil cooler and it hits the support bar? Don't leave this off, just cut away the material to allow for the fittings to clear the support. Here are a few pictures of how I did mine. This leaves plenty of metal on the support to do it's job.

Do not forget to smooth all the edges to prevent cutting any fingers
etcetera that may touch them at some future date.

Miata Parts Suppliers and Dealers
Stock and Custom

Hose-Mart 24756 Redlands Blvd, Loma Linda, 92354 (909) 796-111 (Steel Braid hoses)
Racing Beat "Custom and Racing Parts"
Sports Imports  "Miata Parts" (Auto Recycling Center)